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Compucon works closely with resellers to develop unique solutions for projects of all sizes, often partnering with specialist technical suppliers and engineers to seamlessly extend our total capability.

  • Reliable - Compucon PCs and Servers are renowned in the Australian computer industry for their reliability. Compucon has become the computer brand of preference for many resellers who report consistently excellent service over many years.

  • Expandable - Compucon systems are designed for a long operating life, with capacity to add or exchange components to keep pace with changing technologies and applications.

  • Dependable - The components in Compucon Systems come from dependable manufacturers with world-class performance, features, quality and compatibility.

  • Guaranteed - Compucon offers extensive warranty options, including on-site servicing by a centrally managed, independent network of authorised technicians throughout Australia. Underwritten by insurance, the warranty remains effective regardless of the financial status of Compucon Computers our service agents.

"We have an installed base of hundreds of Compucon machines...extremely reliable over the years as they have stood the test of time... we have found Compucon to be both professional and extremely responsive... flexible enough to meet our special needs... particularly fast response time in new system deliveries."

Technical Manager
Monash University Caulfield Campus